Sunday, August 31, 2008


its been so long since the last time i was here.. SO much has changed..
Different everything. Nothing is the same. Except me.

Coming here first was a big and scary experience.. It seemed like there could be no way for this to feel real and for me to be happy. IT seemed like I was stuck, suffocating and jsut sinking into a vortex that i didn't wish to be a part of.

But like child thrown into the middle of a deep pool I found a way to the edge - splashin and sturugling but there nonetheless. And like the child who learnt to swim, I emerged the better.

Now in one short month, everything hre is so familiar, the faces known and it feels like i've known these people for years and like I could not hav been in any other place.

My room feels comfortable and the view is beautiful. Life is falling into place.

BUt thers always that litle nagging sensation - the inevitabl WHAT IF.. if i'd taken some other choice, not this.. Would I be happier, more successful?

One small "yes" or "no" ca change lives so instantaneously. The future gets altered with that wave of a hand and nothing remains the same.
Some of us like this transiency but many feel rooted to their past. They don't want to be shaken from their abode of comfort.

But life is change. SO craving change might be a goood thing. Just hope you're happy once you get it.