Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Human nature seldom ceases to amaze me. Day by day I learn new little secrets about people, things that cannot be taught but that can only be learnt by feeling them yourself.

The day I returned, I shocked myself. India was a little overwhelming for me. The dust and pollution made me cough, the dirty streets were par impossible to navigate, the oh-so-crowded malls were the antithesis of fun. Why? How? Bangalore, my home, my first love, was suddenly unfamiliar, hard to adjust to..

Had I been so spoilt by the clinical efficiency of my new residence that suddenly home is something else. I had gotten so fully assimilated, emotionally and physically into my other home that this one was foreign. It is so shocking that people can so quickly forget something and move towards another.. With the speed and completeness akin to an amoebic engulfing, we just are something else.

On the first day, it was pure shock, it was a shock of the sort i felt i could not handle. . But slowly I eased up, slowly the loud buzzing of the traffic started to sink beyond the conscious and just became a part of living. I slowly figured out how to avoid the potholes, slowly I relearnt all these small existential problems that afflicted me initially and I moulded back to my old self.

Its a hard life, alternating between one and another distinctly different societies. But I guess the more you stretch, the more you deform and reform yourself over and over again, the more flexible you become. Like a dancer who trains and with that training comes her alarming grace and agility, we too train ourselves to adapt, to asimilate, then detach , reassimilate.. It is like a game, we just keep playing and the more we play, the better we get.

we are the children of change.
We adapt, we reform, we float, we just mould into anything, into everything.