Sunday, June 1, 2008

wanderlust 4 .. the Barcelona!

After much delay, Barcelona finally arrived. On the flight, we reached a point where all the clouds were right below us and the sky above... the puffs of white stood out like perfect bleached cotton candy and it took almost everything I had to restrain myself from breaking the glass and jumping into those gorgeous pieces of heaven. The urge to touch as beyond overwhelming. at the same time, it was scary. The clouds resembled snow-capped mountain peaks so closely and the turbulence added to the feeling of running into a massive range. It was the most unusual sight to see. Just shutting my book and watching it seemed to be the only thing I could do.

Once we landed in Barcelona (heretofore referred to as BCN), the shops were again jaw-dropping with their colourful, unattainable displays... Sigh! the city was a whole new story. It was so perfectly clean so distincty european with absolutely nothing marring its oh-so-perfect facade with buildings right from the Medieval period to Gaudi's Modermisme with were both strange and irresistible simultaneously...

In our quest for our room, we arrived at La Rambla, the biggest and most famous street in Barcelona with roaring nightlife, quaint cafes and flamenco dancing - basically, the works.

The Montmartre of Spain! We turned into our apartment road and we were greeted by grafittied walls, skateboarding punks and africans with dubious motives. It made me wonder what it must feel like to live in a city like this, perpetually surrounded by beautiful things wherever you turn. Does one live in eternal awe of your city, like a tourist at home, or does this sort of extreme loveliness just grow on you? How it must overwhelm - every single day!

But there also lies the flipside of this coin...The city is filled with immigrants from Asia - Filippinos, Indians, Pakistanis who own souvenir shops, restaurants and groceries. They are barely citizens, living forever on the peripheri of the city and not belonging. They would always remain outsiders and life for them is a grapple for the hook. They don't belong. Its one thing to live in poverty in your native country, but its another to be in a foreign place where you know neither the language nor the culture. Just talking to the Indians there, who's eyes filled with gratitude and joy to be able to talk in their mother tongue to a customer made me realize that no matter where int he world we go, where we live and what we do, home for us will always be our country... Its the only place we will always feel truly wanted and like we belong. Anywhere else, we will forever remain outsiders. And the life of an outsider is rife with pain and confusion. Of course , it is more exciting, but not for life... It would always remain just another exciting adventure.


Meena and Ganesh said...

If you look at India itself, it is like multiple countries rolled into one.. Each state so distinct in so many ways. When people go from one state to another to live, do they experience the same feeling of lack of belongingness ? However, there is still a common thread across the country which seems to unite us and make us feel comfortable inspite these differences. Is there not some way of extending this common thread across the global. Can we not feel we are part one human race and hence feel comfortable towards anybody from any part of the world ?

∑√ ßōŗň ŧסּ ßĕ ĤάŢëĐ ™ said...

If you've ever seen any sci-fi future movie with space travel and what not, planets area laways as united as nations. Can we ever reach that stage or is just fiction? Seems to good to come true. A system of humans can never manage itself on such a large scale. The complexity of the system brings it closer towards the edge of chaos. considering a community of an entire planet definitely pushes the system off the edge. Fragmentations keeps stabalizing the system. hehe i always wanted ta talk like some sorta professor. btw that was a really cute description of Barcelona. I was wondering the same thing. How would it be to live in a city so great that what we consider spectacular maybe considered mediocre. I guess it's not a matter of perspective but just novelty or somthing of the like.