Tuesday, April 28, 2009


its always the most random things. the strangest, most trivial things. They just take you away and make you hide or rejoice, but always confine. Its those little things that I want to live for. Those moments where life feels more, and better, and higher.

Its like living on a cloud, floating somewhere, hanging down in pleasant ecstasy. It makes you want to jump with joy, to create, to love, to just float a little bit more.

It always comes when you don't expect it, when you don't want it, when you have more important things to do. But pushing it away is like letting go of a rare gem. Life's short, hold the gems. The sparks just fly around, buzzing in pure happiness.
Don't you just love the perfection? YOu could live in it, and die in it and if you're in it. nothing else matters - the world doesn't, friends don't , politics, family, success - everything is just second to this. Sigh, its perfect.

But it never lasts.

It always evaporates and you curse your stupidity for ever having believed that it was here to stay.

The conflict arises then.. do you live for those moments, hoping and awaiting their arrival? Or do you just assume they're ephemeral aberrations and live with that non-expectation?
I wonder.


Abhishek said...

Existential questioning again I see. Should or should you not... keep asking, I'm sure you'll find the answer.


jane said...

this is vaguely enchanting... like im dreaming what i read... but agreed dude... waiting fr those moments is painful...