Saturday, July 18, 2009

permanent high

a high is a high because it preceeds/succeeds a low. otherwise it would just be a plateau.


Govind said...

Interesting, but if life's your graph, that's a short sighted observation. Why must succeeding points be relative only to the immediately neighboring points?

PS: You have anon comments disabled. Discourages outside blog interest

spud said...

Interesting.. But what we see in life is only the now right? How many of us really zoom out for the big picture? There really isn't time for that, don't you think?

P.S. I took care of that, thank you so much for the tip :P

Govind said...

Just because "many of us" don't doesn't mean that there "really isn't time for that."
Shortsightedness is an excuse. And a source for a lot of misery. There's always time to zoom out. I find that if one tries actively to gain perspective by understanding what true problems actually are, each time one feels miserable, there would be far more peaks and far less plateaus and dips.