Monday, June 28, 2010

21st Century Slavery

House. One Tree Hill. True Blood. Heroes.

It scares me how much of my life is influenced by the TV shows I watch. The undiscriminating watcher of mind-numbing shows that I am, I have one too many times allowed major life decisions to be dictated by the frame of mind that a TV show puts me into.

My perpetual craving for some form of drama, most often satisfied by subconsciously envisioning myself as the protagonist of the said show, has led to far too many mess-ups and hindsight regrets.

What really gets to me the most is the ease with these shows can alter my frame of mind and my philosophy and morals. It takes almost nothing to leave me more than mildly shaken about what I'm really all about.

Giving up is not an option. Try as I might, they find me + haunt me = I'm stuck again, slave to the show.

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Jane Antony said...

Haha. You forgot Gossip girl and Greys.