Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Colds in Summer

Like a very poorly immune fool, every so often, I get a cold in the summer. I don't know how or why.. its not the ice-cream, its not the rain, its nothing ... Its just that. And its killer.. for some reason it feels like the sign of a weakling. Not one cold all through winter and monsoon, but when summer dawns.. Tada! *achooo*

That reminds me... as a child I was called "akshu" which unfortunately sounds very very similar to "achoo"... whooops.. wait tillmy friends find out, that's gonna be one long laugh riot.

And, yes, going on holiday is a good enough sxcuse to neglect a blog. Fear not, it will all return

Goodbye to everybody!


Anand said...

Welcome to the club. The darn thing about colds in summer is that I get forbidden from consuming anything that is cold... and in this heat, thats a pain!

∑√ ßōŗň ŧסּ ßĕ ĤάŢëĐ ™ said...

yup. Really sux. I caught a cold twice cuz i had ta walk 2 kms in the rain. Tho i thoroughly enjoyed it. And having an indian mom who stuffs her kid with food&medicine could dispose of the cold in one night before it built up... Yeah don talk to me when it comes to funny names *Akshoo!*... *sniff* pardon me... bin usin a lotta ice in my drinks. :D

spud said...

cheap sood cheap..