Monday, May 26, 2008

The morning after

4.40 am, 12th May : On being so cruelly dragged out of my bed by my multi-snooze alarm, I brushed my teeth about propped my pre-sleeping-bathed-and-dressed self on the dining table. It was then that it all slowly dawned on me once more - who I was and what I was doing and under what circumstances. The thing that struck me the strongest was : I WOULD NEVER HAVE TO STUDY AGAIN! ... Even if I wanted to, I could not study, because I had no clue where I was headed or what I was doing. It seemed like the perfect situation. I hadn't felt this free in nearly four years. First there was NTSE coaching, then studying for the 10th boards, then more NTSE coaching, then IIT coaching. ANd finally the nail hit my head and I realized that I HATED science , and then there was Tuition for CBSE and then LST and now finally it was DONE with. I was off on my holiday and there was no guilt whatsoever.

Ever since I was in the 8th grade, I'd been cringing at my father's constant admonisions, "Go study, you're acting like your 12th standard is over"! And now finally, after everything, it was! There was nothing anybody could say that would dim my spirits.

The morning after - it could not have been better. And the best part was, it did not feel like a half- hearted attempt. It was not some excuse for hard-work or effort. It had been a consistent stream of work and I was satisfied.

Indulgence indeed


∑√ ßōŗň ŧסּ ßĕ ĤάŢëĐ ™ said...

It takes a day or two to get used to the feeling of not havin to study, huh. and another few to get right back into it. For us Engineering morons, counselling is startin and for us lw-rank engineering morons, pickin a college and weighin college/course and blah blah... worse tha nstudyin for exams, really. And yes, Akshtia, the girl who made it her life's mission to try every kind of extra classes. ACE ntse, ACE iit, tuitions of all subjects, LST. Congrats Ak, it's a record! no really is...

Meena and Ganesh said...

What would I give to be in your shoes, total freedom with no strings and no guilt attached ! Sigh !
You deserve it , live it up.