Monday, May 26, 2008

Short -comings and goings

A recent discovery I made was that great people are not perfect. Big Surprise!

I was going through an article in Fortune magazine about Steve Jobs, a veritable God in his industry, and my gosh, he is just like the rest of us! He is mean when he's in a bad mood, he shouts at his employees, is arrogant to a fault... This article came as quite a revelation to me and at quite an opportune moment when I was grappling with the sudden and monumental realization of how terribly flawed I am, and everybody else is...

That cliche - Nobody's Perfect, finally made sense to me.. Its not the people who are perfect who become successful or content or leaders in the world, its those who pull through despite their flows. They seem to accept the flaws and leave them aside, not letting their shortcomings become them...

It might seem like I am adopting a preachy tone, though I certainly don't mean to be, but the whole event just came as a complete shock to me and I was left knocked out of my senses. Suddenly, I found myself trying to see how I should accept the fact that I tend to be self-centered at times and impatient and if I want to stay who I am, I need to just learn to live with it and, if possible, make occasional amends wherever I can to make life simpler for myself and everybody else around me.

And quite often accepting your faults and learning to live with them are far more difficult than actually deciding to change them. Because when you decide to change, it seems that it will all be better and different. In this alternate scenario, however, all your flaws will be pointed out, time and time again and try as you might to want to change, you'll know deep down that its a part of who you are and that is how it will remain till kingdom come.



∑√ ßōŗň ŧסּ ßĕ ĤάŢëĐ ™ said...

When u look around and see all those people... it's hard to believe nobody's perfect. there's ALWAYS someone better than u and anything and everything. not always someone worse than u though... No offence, but still haven't had any proof tht nobody's perfect.

Meena and Ganesh said...

Hey Born to be hated :) I am sure there is always somebody worse than each of us at every point of time in life, it is just sometime we are so super critical of ourselves we don't spot them.
I agree with Spud that if all of us worked to improve our strengths rather than always tried to get rid of our weakness, we would be happier and more successful.. Certainly, thats what I have learnt after trying the latter for the last 40 years :)