Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cliches in a cliche ..

Cliches are so hard to fathom. Firstly, they are true - too true in fact. Every cliche has far too many living examples to just ignore. Secondly, as the cliche goes, cliches are cliches because they are universal truths. There is practically no flaw you can find in their existence. Yet, despite all of these, you can't help but not really feel the essence of the cliche till you go through it yourself. You end up perpetually discarding it as something that people say, an annoying old custom that has been passed on for generationsm until one day, you feel it yourself. It suddenly fits into your situation to the T and in a flash - its yours. The cliche now becomes your universal truth. Countless times, I've had this happen to me and each and every time I emerge with a wide silly grin on my face and the thought running in my head would be "oh! so that's what they meant!"

Well, its an amazing experience when you discover for yourself what already exists. Its like cracking an IIT problem :D

Go Sridhar ;P

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