Sunday, April 13, 2008

scary people

people are scary. If you look at them closely enough, most human beings have the most freakish and quite detestable physical features which seldom does anything less than freak the living daylights out of you.

Take feet for instance. Have you ever really sat down and observed somebody's feeT? be it yours, or your best friend's or your brother's you'll find that the feet in question are grotesquely intolerable. Well, so i feel anyway. I seem to be wanting to barf into the nearest toilet each time i see a pair of misshapen and grossly abnormal feet. I mean, why would god do soemthing like that? Give people feet..?!

You've seen the feet of a bird right.. see they can walk just fine with their cute little semiwebbed appendages! Give me bird feet, or better still cat feet.. Have you ever seen cat feet? Those are just adorably mindblowing.. they'll just blow you away.. you won't stop wanting to touch them and feel them and just stare at them till your brain blows up or something with extreme-repeated-reinforcement of a single image.

Another thing is animal-neutering.. that is probably the coolest yet most confusing thing that takes place. my friend's cat recently got neutered. Its a good thing of course because he'll finally stop rubbing himself on all sorts of furniture and leaving trails of white goo all over the place, but its funny.. does he become a she now? its not fair to make him an it. and he cant possibly be a he cuz he doesn't have the fundamental requirement to be a he. Therein lies the paradox.

Bah.. humans should be neutered too. If one isn't married by a certain age or doens't have any partner as such.. they should be neutered. Its bound to reduce rape and pornography like crazy. Or we should have temporary neutering... Be neutered till you find a person willing to copulate with you and then get yourself un-neutered.

The Pornography industry will cease to exist! and Playboy will go out of business and Maxim owners will be on the streets. And rape lawyers too... those institutions for protecting rape victims can probably go into some other charitable business like curing poverty or something!
And the Blank Noise project will pretty much be useless..

hell, selective neutering is the answer to half of the world's evils.. If only such a thing existed..

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